FYS Blog #3

16 Nov

1. http://www.cannabis-commerce.com/library/Miron_Report_2005.pdf 

The article talks about the money spent on criminalizing marijuana users and how much money we would save at the state and national level , it also talks about the possible revenue that could be generated by taxing cannabis.  I plan to use this source by citing its many facts and numbers that it produces such as the tax revenue and money we could save .


This article talks about how Marijuana laws and legalization or decriminalization in other countries has effected them in order to get an idea of what it might do in America. This source can be used to get ideas of how America might want to go about legalization what was effective in other countries and what failed.


This article is about the legalization of marijuana for medical uses and how it has gotten out of control allowing almost anyone to get a prescription. I can use this article so show that a majority of people are already smoking weed in California and the world didn’t cave in and our country didn’t die off.







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