FYS Blog Entry #2

12 Nov

One could argue that the abuse of McDonald’s has a greater potential health-care cost than the abuse of marijuana.

1.)  Is this a reasonable solution to the current economic crisis and just how much would it help the economy.
Is this a safe solution , how would the legalization effect US health and safety.
What would need to be done for the legalization to actually go through.
How would this change the future of the US.

2.)  Marijuana , Legalization, Economy , Prohibition , Great Depression, Economic Solutions, Drug imprisonment ,

Marijuana Tax, Drug war,  Medical Marijuana

3.) My plan is to use both an array of sources. I will begin with blogs or news articles to get a general idea of what people are saying about the topic both those for and those against. Once I have a feeling I will then attempt to move on to scholarly articles and find a more researched and factual based academic source. I will have to find both sources for and against , which I feel shouldn’t be that tough to accomplish.  Through these sources I can get a very good and clear understanding of both the pros and cons of the Legalization of Marijuana.

Originally on PBH: Revenue From Marijuana If It Were Legal




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