FYS Blog Entry #1

9 Nov

Possible topics ideas

*note I just typed this whole thing and posted it and there was nothing there…. -_-

1. Legalization of marijuana
Legalizing marijuana in america could be a solution to fix our current economic crisis. I already have 2 pages written on this from the unit one essay that I couldn’t use. This idea is becoming more and more common and less opposed. According to a recent news article on CBS ” Never before have more Americans believed legalizing marijuana was the right course for the country.In a new Gallup poll, 50 percent of respondents in a nationwide survey said they believed it was time to make pot legal. About 46 percent came out against it.”  I also believe it’s going to take a big change to fix the economy and this could be it.

2.  Utopia in space

I’m not sure how humanity in space would be different than humanity on Earth. Therefore I am skeptical as to how you create a utopia by just moving people. Also I’m interested in what kind of technology we would have to have to achieve space-colonies. There are many TV shows and Films where people are living in space. It will be interesting to see how far away from this once Science Fiction dream we are. At this point in time I think we are still a ways away but maybe I’m wrong.

3. Bio-engineering and human perfection

We touched on this in Oryx and Crake and it is a very interesting topic. I am curious as to how much we are possible of doing now and how much we will be possible of doing in the future.  This field is also gaining attention and funding so I’m sure there will be 1000 articles about the pro’s and con’s of it. If we are able to completely able to alter a human and create super humans is that good or bad. Will there be laws implemented on what is legal and moral or is this something they can not outlaw.

**I wrote more the first time but I’m mad it didn’t work so I didn’t rewrite it all.


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