FYS Blog #6

22 Nov

Bryce Lynn: Welcome to Talk 221 with Bryce Lynn I’m your host. Today’s topic at hand is the legalization of Marijuana we have to experts with us here today. Jeffery Miron author of “The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition” and Roger Parloff author of “How Pot Became Legal”.  So both of you are for the legalization of Marijuana, Mr. Miron can you explain to me what you the benefits of legalizing this drug might be.

Jeffery Miron: Well without current economic situation we are in need of something to help boost our economy, it should be known that “If marijuana were legal, enforcement costs would be negligible and governments could levy taxes on the production and sale of marijuana. Thus, government expenditure would decline and tax revenue would increase”(2). This revenue is not just a small amount but rather a significant sum of cash. In fact according to my estimation “marijuana legalization would reduce government expenditure by $7.7 billion annually. Marijuana legalization would also generate tax revenue of $2.4 billion annually if marijuana were taxed like all other goods and $6.2 billion annually if marijuana were taxed at rates comparable to those on alcohol and tobacco” (3).

Bryce Lynn
: Really that much money, why aren’t we doing this already seeing how our economy is today. We certainly need some sort of change and this does not require some sort of tax or making a company spend more money to stay in the US. Rather we are just creating jobs in a market that has a high demand.  What about skeptics who say this will drastically change our country? Roger do you want to take this one?

Roger Parloff: Well it may have slight changes but most of the people that want to use the drug already have access to it. Similar to people going to speakeasies during alcohol prohibition, not only is it ineffective but it makes consumption much more dangerous. I believe that “President Obama’s understated pledge not to interfere with state medical marijuana laws potentially achieves for that intoxicant what the Twenty-First Amendment accomplished for beer, wine, and booze during the Great Depression.” This is why we may be very close to seeing the legalization we are following the same steps we did with alcohol. Also we are currently in the biggest recession since the Great Depression; there are just too many similarities for me not to think this a possibility.

(this only had paragraphs not page numbers.)

Bryce Lynn: Wow how incredible! I definitely agree with what you are saying. There is a lot of gang activity currently involved with marijuana due to it being illegal. If we fix this we can reduce drug wars and have a safer country. Also we are funding gangs that are smuggling the drugs from Mexico so the money doesn’t end up being spent on goods in the US. Well it looks like we are all out of time. It has been great to have you both!


FYS Blog #5?

21 Nov

It has become very clear that the US economic system is in need of a major reboot. We currently face the worst recession this country has seen since the Great Depression. With a presidential election just one year away the topic on everyone’s mind is the economy.  Campaigns and ideas that promise to get the country back on track. In order to restore our place of glory among the capitalistic super giants of the world is the driving force behind many of these campaigns. While everyone is quick to point fingers and point out the flaws of their oppositions ideas on how to fix this problem, few are coming up with any sort of solution of their own. If we are going to get out of the situation we can’t keep regurgitating the same ideas over and over. It is going to take a new innovative idea to turn things around and get back on track. This radical idea may come in the form of the legalization of marijuana. Through the legalization of marijuana we could increase tax revenue, lower spending on criminalization and create a surplus of jobs. Ultimately marijuana could be the spark the lights up the American economy and puts it back on the high road it was once accustomed to.
-The first thing I will talk about will be what the current economic situation is within the US. It is important for the reader of my essay to have an understanding of the current economic crisis so they can see why we need to fix it. I can go about portraying the situation by using either academic sources or statistics. Topic Sentence:  “The US faces a major economic crisis that requires a great deal of concentration, if we do not take this situation seriously our country will certainly suffer.”

-In my second paragraph I can convey to them some of the ideas of current member of the US government. I can also talk about how the government using traditional plans has not really done much for us as of late and why it is time for a new approach. Topic Sentence: “Traditional ideas are what brought us to the place we are in now, we can not afford another one.”
– I can give a basic explanation of all the positives of my plan to legalize marijuana. These advantages include: Tax revenue from the sale and production of marijuana, Less money spent on the criminalization of marijuana, more focus on more dangerous drugs, more government regulation to keep the drug safe, Jobs created through marijuana farms, less drug wars at the Mexican border, funding of US citizens rather than foreign gangs etc.  “There are many ways in which Marijuana can positively benefit the US economy and the US as a whole.”

-I can then talk about the Great Depression and the prohibition of alcohol. Mainly how the prohibiting of alcohol lead to gang violence and crime, while the consumption and sale of alcohol was still prominent. This relates to marijuana because its sale is currently affiliated with crime and gangs also its still has a high amount of consumption.  “Prohibition has a history of being not only ineffective but dangerous. The prohibition of marijuana is not currently working and should be reversed to help benefit our country .”

-This can lead into a paragraph about drug violence and drug wars at the Mexican American border. Also the amount of revenue that Mexican gangs are acquiring from US citizens. Also there are a lot of other drugs that enter through this method so we could focus more strictly on the smuggling of other drugs since they are more hazardous to US citizens. “The drug wars at the Mexican American border are dangerous to both citizens of the US and Mexico we can help cut down on the frequency of these events by taking marijuana out of the picture.”

-Next I will talk about the potential job market that could be created through the farming, packaging, and sale of Marijuana. This could open many jobs for US citizens helping to lower our unemployment rate and get more money flowing into our economy rather than handing out unemployment checks.  “It is no secret that the United States needs to create more jobs. Marijuana would lead to many jobs in many different areas.”

-After this I can talk about the taxation of marijuana. If we tax it like regular things it could bring a decent amount of revenue or if we tax it like alcohol or cigarettes it could bring in a very nice amount of tax revenue to our country. “There is very high possible revenue that could be generated from marijuana , this revenue would certainly boost our economy.”

-Next I can talk about the amount of money we spend on funding police agencies to crack down on the use of marijuana. Also the amount of money that is spent on criminalizing those who are simply possessing or using only a small amount. This also could be used for something more effective or just cuts our nation’s spending. ”We are wasting billions of dollars on attempting to cut down marijuana use in America. This spending is both wasteful and ineffective ; if marijuana is legalized we can save much of this money.”

-I can give a skeptic’s opinion on how marijuana is dangerous and bad for one’s health. Or that consumption will raise by a huge amount leading to a nation focused on drugs. I can also list any other sort of negative ideas.  “Not everyone is in favor of legalizing marijuana in the us some concerns from skeptics include….”

– I can then have a rebuttal attempting to show why these things should not be concerns of American citizens. Or why they are not as bad and dangerous as the author makes them out to be. “These are things that should call for attention but do not outweigh the benefits.”

-To cement my argument I will have a paragraph giving examples of what the decriminalization in other countries has led to and how it has affected their country. I will attempt to give both the positives and negatives that these countries have experienced. “In other countries they have legalized marijuana and they’re country has not fallen to pieces , therefore we should be okay too.”

-I will finish with my conclusion that will wrap up all my ideas into one. Attempting to portray to the reader why this idea is a good one and why if they don’t think so we need to figure something else out quick before it is too late for our country.

FYS Blog #4

17 Nov

1.)Miron, Jeffery A. “The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition.” (2005). Web. <http://www.cannabis-commerce.com/library/Miron_Report_2005.pdf&gt;.

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FYS Blog #3

16 Nov

1. http://www.cannabis-commerce.com/library/Miron_Report_2005.pdf 

The article talks about the money spent on criminalizing marijuana users and how much money we would save at the state and national level , it also talks about the possible revenue that could be generated by taxing cannabis.  I plan to use this source by citing its many facts and numbers that it produces such as the tax revenue and money we could save .


This article talks about how Marijuana laws and legalization or decriminalization in other countries has effected them in order to get an idea of what it might do in America. This source can be used to get ideas of how America might want to go about legalization what was effective in other countries and what failed.


This article is about the legalization of marijuana for medical uses and how it has gotten out of control allowing almost anyone to get a prescription. I can use this article so show that a majority of people are already smoking weed in California and the world didn’t cave in and our country didn’t die off.






FYS Blog Entry #2

12 Nov

One could argue that the abuse of McDonald’s has a greater potential health-care cost than the abuse of marijuana.

1.)  Is this a reasonable solution to the current economic crisis and just how much would it help the economy.
Is this a safe solution , how would the legalization effect US health and safety.
What would need to be done for the legalization to actually go through.
How would this change the future of the US.

2.)  Marijuana , Legalization, Economy , Prohibition , Great Depression, Economic Solutions, Drug imprisonment ,

Marijuana Tax, Drug war,  Medical Marijuana

3.) My plan is to use both an array of sources. I will begin with blogs or news articles to get a general idea of what people are saying about the topic both those for and those against. Once I have a feeling I will then attempt to move on to scholarly articles and find a more researched and factual based academic source. I will have to find both sources for and against , which I feel shouldn’t be that tough to accomplish.  Through these sources I can get a very good and clear understanding of both the pros and cons of the Legalization of Marijuana.

Originally on PBH: Revenue From Marijuana If It Were Legal



FYS Blog Entry #1

9 Nov

Possible topics ideas

*note I just typed this whole thing and posted it and there was nothing there…. -_-

1. Legalization of marijuana
Legalizing marijuana in america could be a solution to fix our current economic crisis. I already have 2 pages written on this from the unit one essay that I couldn’t use. This idea is becoming more and more common and less opposed. According to a recent news article on CBS ” Never before have more Americans believed legalizing marijuana was the right course for the country.In a new Gallup poll, 50 percent of respondents in a nationwide survey said they believed it was time to make pot legal. About 46 percent came out against it.”  I also believe it’s going to take a big change to fix the economy and this could be it.

2.  Utopia in space

I’m not sure how humanity in space would be different than humanity on Earth. Therefore I am skeptical as to how you create a utopia by just moving people. Also I’m interested in what kind of technology we would have to have to achieve space-colonies. There are many TV shows and Films where people are living in space. It will be interesting to see how far away from this once Science Fiction dream we are. At this point in time I think we are still a ways away but maybe I’m wrong.

3. Bio-engineering and human perfection

We touched on this in Oryx and Crake and it is a very interesting topic. I am curious as to how much we are possible of doing now and how much we will be possible of doing in the future.  This field is also gaining attention and funding so I’m sure there will be 1000 articles about the pro’s and con’s of it. If we are able to completely able to alter a human and create super humans is that good or bad. Will there be laws implemented on what is legal and moral or is this something they can not outlaw.

**I wrote more the first time but I’m mad it didn’t work so I didn’t rewrite it all.

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8 Nov

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